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Tim Blake mid slap on the crux of Falmari (8A) photos: Blake collection

Mark Katz eyeing the big move

Tim Blake has climbed a brilliant new prow line in Dyffryn Ogwen. Falmari (8A) sits partially hidden in a little dip upstream from Louisville Lip in the Ochrgors area (see page 301 in the NWB 3.1 guide).

Tim was tipped off about the line by Sam Lawson who climbed the prow as a superb grade 6 stand up last year. A few other North Wales locals had been for a try on the sds, but no-one had managed to work it out.

ĒThe key to it is getting the crimp correctly and getting that left heel up. Iíd been trying it for a few sessions with shit beta and decided I couldnít do it."

"So I told Mark Katz about it and he sussed a good sequence and was nice enough to tell me about it and let me know he was heading back up. Mark got close but didnít manage the big slap, as it was a long way for him. I managed to get it done though. Itís amazing whatís still kicking about in Wales.Ē
said Tim.

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