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Chris Davies, Cave devotee (photo: Si Panton)

Chris Davies hit the jackpot today, establishing yet another cripplingly difficult power stamina problem in Parisella's Cave.

The last few days has seen the arrival of some refreshingly cold and breezy weather. Chris took full advantage of the sudden improvement in conditions, topping out, after months of attempts, on his project line.

East Coker starts up Crucial Times (V11/8a), then breaks left after the crux section along the obvious ramp system to join and climb Trigger Cut (V10/11/7c+/8a). The connecting section is 5 moves long and would rate V8+/7b+ on its own. Chris was unsure about the overall grade, so he has suggested a split number: V13/14/8b/+.

"It still hasn't sunk in properly; I've been living and breathing this problem for so long now, it feels strange for it to be finally over and done."

Ive been trying it fairly consistently since February, averaging perhaps 1 session per week during that period. I did take a month off during July because it just got too hot for hard climbing.

Its been quite an epic, perhaps the most sustained effort Ive ever made on a single problem. I really hammered it into submission; I counted up the number of times that I did Trigger Cut during all these sessions and it came to 38!

Commented a euphoric Chris after the ascent.

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