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Liam Desroy repeating Mr Fantastic V12/8a+ photos: Streaky Desroy


Liam Desroy made an astoundingly quick ascent of Mr Fantastic V12/8a+ on the Cromlech Boulders in the Llanberis Pass. Although he’d spent a few sessions in previous years repeating Jerry’s Roof and Bus Stop, Liam got the coveted repeat on his second session trying the full problem.

This is believed to be the second ascent in its current harder state; the line was originally climbed by Mark Katz at V11/8a, then a large foothold broke off and Dave Noden re-ascended it at V12/8a+

Remarkably, Liam’s hardest ascent prior to this was Lou Ferrino V10/7c+ in Parisella’s cave. Not many people manage to leapfrog past V11/8a; no doubt there’ll be more hard ascents from this rising star. This is of course the final nail in the coffin for the ongoing competition between Liam and his dad, Streaky, who holds the record for the oldest ascent of Jerry’s Roof.

NWB.com asked Streaky what he thought, and he countered with customary pluck, “I might have lost the war on the bouldering front, but I can still burn him off on trad routes – ask Liam about The Strand!”

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