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Pete Robins on an earlier attempt on Trench Fever sds 7C+ Photos: Si Panton



Pete Robins has cleaned up a superb project line in the Hidden Cleft at the Bethesda Wave.

Trench Fever climbs the thin crack line at the right side of the steep back wall of the corridor. During a quick visit about 10 days ago he managed (in fading light) to climb the stand up version at 7A+, but one hand movement on the intensely technical sds proved to be a stopper.

He then returned yesterday and nailed the full sds at 7C+.

“Awesome moves!” said Pete.

The other lines do suffer a bit from seepage, but aside from the first foothold (which is easy to dry off) Trench Fever is a fairly quick drying problem.

Pete is certainly on form at the moment; on Saturday he repeated Louie Armstrong 8B in Parisella’s Cave.

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