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There she blows!” Photos Big G collection

Big G jamming his way to glory on Crack House G2

George Smith has unearthed another classic roof crack test piece, this time 500m west along the hillside from Creigiau’r Garth above the obvious slabs and on the opposite side of the valley to the RAC boulders. (OS grid ref 697 562)

This lengthy hand crack can be found by wandering up right of the slabs to the prominent block shown in the adjacent photograph. The problem starts from the entrance by crossing the left wall of the cave to the base of the crack which spans the underside of the block, continuing around the lip to jugs at the top.

Crack House rates G2 on the Big G system (i.e. he did it on his second go). Although others may disagree either way, depending on the size of their hands.

“Been meaning to report this thing for a while - a rare find. I was somewhat spurred on by having neither spotters nor a mat! Think its about two body lengths, so pretty neat.”

Explained Big G.

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