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Mark on the tricky upper section of Something, Something, Darkside 7A! Photos: Si Panton

Mark jamming up The Biggun 6B!

Mark on Z Boys Arete 6A+!

Mark ‘Hosey B’ Dicken has climbed a superb highball slab line on a little visited crag first developed by Moose Thomas back in the 80s.

Something, Something, Darkside 7A! tackles the central wall between the crack lines. The landing is good but it is quite high.

The left hand crack, is The Biggun, a brilliant but distinctly highball 6B. The right hand crack is 5+! And the smaller line on the right is 6Cish.

To reach the crag go to the layby opposite the Lake View Hotel; drop over the left side of the wall and head down slightly rightwards for 30m. The problems are in good nick at the moment, but Mark has left a pirate rope in place on the tree so visitors can give the problems a brush before committing themselves.

Eagle eyed followers of the NWB Boulder of the Month feature will recall that Big G highlighted the potential of this crag last year. Click here to read more.

Mark then got stuck in and gave it a much needed spring clean. Check out Hosey's blog to read about his initial forray.

A couple of years ago Mark also climbed an excellent highball line on the other side of the road left of the hotel. To reach Z Boys Arete 6A+! go through the gate left of the hotel and look up to the left. The landing is ‘okay’, but shelves off to the right so a spotter will eliminate any worries of barrelling off down the hill side. (NB in the adjacent pics Mark has tied himself off on a slack rope to eliminate this issue; the spotter being wedged in a tree taking pictures!)

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