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Pete showing the way on Screwball 7B+ Photos: Si Panton


Last night Pete Robins picked off a neat stand up line between Chocolate Wall and Mr Whippy at the right side of the Pill Box Wall area.

Screwball 7B+ is slightly squeezed in but still a significant addition with some great moves.

Start with your right hand on the Mr Whippy crimp and your left on an obvious sidepull Ė pull up and snag a dimpled edge with your right before grabbing a second sidepull (which was used on the original sequence on Chocolate Wall, but is rarely chalked these days) and make a hard rock over to gain the Chocolate Wall shield with your left; finish right to the Mr Whippy jug.

In the same session Pete also made the long awaited second ascent of Mark Katzís route Corinthian Groove, a hard F8b with a 7C+ crux section. To read more about this go to the V12 news site.

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