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Chris setting up for the big move Photo: Davies collection

Bob trying the problem with a different sequence back in March Photo: Si Panton


Chris Davies has completed the Lightning Strike project on the Pigeon Cave boulders. Limehouse, as Chris has chosen to call it, can be found in the crevasse 20m right of the In the Mix boulder.

Back in the winter Bob Hickish got close to doing it but kept hitting his feet on the slab when he cut loose. Chris found a different sequence going to a lower crimp and keeping his feet on.

“It felt like a good 7C to me, purely as you need to either have very good tension to keep to keep your feet up, or keep your feet on as I did (thus going to the smaller crimp in the lower level break as opposed to straight to the top).”

Explained Chris before adding:

I started left hand on low finger ledge, and right on the obvious jug. Cross over to pinch the lip of the sloper/ramp, and then let loose! It's a shame you don't start with both hands low, but I couldn't fit in the hole (I did try).”

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