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Chris showing the starting position on The Last Stand 8A+ Photos: Davies collection


Chris Davies has climbed a short intense addition to the roster of desperates in Parisella’s Cave. The Last Stand 8A+ starts in a standing position underneath the traverse line of Pilgrimage which breaks out from Left Wall Traverse.

Chris initially tried the sit down start line leading up to this point but soon realised he was flailing in 8C territory so switched his attention to the more do-able stand up.

The beta is as follows: pull on with a reasonable undercut for your left, and a really poor pinch for the right. Then power up with your right hand to the ramp (middle sloper/pinch is easiest to catch), followed by a tricky match.

Chris then escaped by linking leftwards into a finish along Left Wall Traverse.

“I thought it was pretty hard. I’m unsure of the grade, but in my mind 8A+ seems reasonable.”

Explained Chris.

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