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Photos: Big G


This month Big G - fresh back from an exotic family holiday in Florida, or France or somewhere beginning with an F - sets out well and truly ‘Beyond The Dome’, so far up the Wavelength hillside his ears popped with the change in pressure!

Dear NWB.com readers,

This razz-matazz ‘never-to-be-forgotten’ Olympic month started much as the others of late; the Pass lost in a morose cloud, as humid and undesirable as an Olympian’s armpit. But there have been one or two breaks, allowing the wonderer [a metaphysical 'wanderer' perhaps? - Ed] to reach out to the higher places.

There must be something in those prehistoric environs of Cwm Uchaf one would guess; surely just one boulder. Funnily enough, exactly one...and very odd it is.

The place is dominated by the great reclining form of Clogwyn y Ddysgl, monstrous in itself; its head perhaps buried somewhere below the ‘shoulders’ of Clogwyn y Person, cowering from time.

...Anyway this cliff seems to have shed one solitary shard which has bumped its way down till just short of the small mirror-like Llyn Glas with its exquisite island. (gr 618 555)

Now this rock has been flanked by a modest assembly of stonework in such a way as to create a basic shelter below the overhanging face. In the middle of this face are two pert little finger edges, which would in the right hands, lead to the top in a one-off fit of core power.

Is it yet to be conquered? Or was the little shelter constructed to somehow facilitate an ascent?

Was it indeed, produced by a long-gone shepherd, who, in the prime of youth, inspired from nowhere, seized the moment and latched-one-on the thing in a pre-blog burst of private genius?

Power to the un-blogged

Love Big G

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