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Danny Cattell has found a good new line in the Pac Man Woods (home to Prisoners of the Sun and Terror Twilight) on the outskirts of Nant Peris. Thonz 7B+ lies on the downhill side of a block 40m down and left (looking down the hill) from the A frame stile at the top of the woods.

ďItís a sit start with a small left hand edge and crimpy undercut for the right. The crux is pulling on and butching the left into the better undercut rail above. You then match the undercut rail and go up to a quartz pinch with the left and then up right to better holds."

"It didn't take too long but suits me, and although it felt easier than Prisoners of the Sun (which I couldn't do today) itís much less condition dependent so I reckon itís around 7B+.Ē

Explained Danny.

There is also an obvious 6Aish sds just to the left.

NB. It turns out that Phil Targett had already climbed both lines on this boulder a few years back. Phil thought the Thonz line (which he named: Big Weekend) was only worth 6A - with such a massive disparity in difficulty it is assumed that there has been significant hold breakage since Phil's ascent.

Jack Rattenbury also reports a 7A variation starting on the lefthand line and trending right into the top of Thonz. A useful option for taller climbers struggling with the morpho starting moves on the original.

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