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Photos: Big G




Holyhead Mountain, a splash of wildness stuck on the edge of the Holyhead hologram, its tranquillity only occasionally broken by noisy off-road motorbikes, remains an enigma. What secrets does it hold? Big G went to investigate further and found The Telegraph Wall.

Dear NWB.com readers,

Does gold only start to exist when we dig for it? Do all the great little places people find pop from the ground because we go the extra mile to look?

The Telegraph Wall feels a bit like this; too good to be true, yet there it is, braving the westerlies in a glorious position between the Anglesey Stacks. (From South Stack follow the path from the very end of the road, heading towards North Stack and passing a small lookout building gr 206827).

The spot cannot be missed, its smooth summit marked by an ancient wireless pole; the foot rungs to nowhere making it into a sort of bizarre sun-bleached totem, erected perhaps to celebrate the connectionless passage of the climber.

The rock is distinctive; really quite odd. The thing appears to be a transported section of Trinity House Walls far below, and is smooth in profile whilst being entirely composed of undercuts.

The landing is excellent, the flat ground providing a place orientated to trap the sun. And out beyond you; the aching vista of the ocean.

Power to those who walk.

Big G

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