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Photos: Big G


This month Big G takes us on magical mystery tour down the A5. Peeping out from some heavy foliage he spies bouldering gold…

Dear NWB.com readers,

When Telford set out to forge the link from London to Holyhead he must have stressed over the negotiation of several stretches of landscape, solid foundations being a particular boon when conceiving the uneasy caterpillar of stone buttressing which meanders along much of the current A5 between Bethesda and Llangollen.

Ignorant of the value of all forms of exposed rock to the post-industrial sporting community a myriad of the firmest chunks of bedrock will have disappeared to a tarmac grave.

Some survived, just reaching out into the daylight by a swerve of fortune. ( Tavistock Square in Bethesda being a spectacular example)

Well; just east of the flesh-pots of Betws-y-Coed there is another escapee. An enormous ivy-covered aręte reaching from the buttress cobbles in a bid for the light. (50m west of the road/footpath junction, 100m west of the Conwy Falls Cafe)

Successful ascentionists will be able to "high five" passing westbound cyclists.

Of course, whilst following the footpath it is easy to overlook such a thing, or even to write it off on quite careful inspection; too close to this or that, too high for a boulder, too small for a route.

But we know better than that don't we. Someone will give it the treatment.

Just as sculptures start life poised within the rock, so our imagination and inspiration must break out from the paralysing creepers of convention.

Power to the defoliators,

Love Big G

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