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Owen Hayward enjoyed perfect conditions up at the Sheep Pen Boulders at the weekend and after completing a big circuit of the classics managed to bag a new line for himself.

Shrek 7A+/B starts sitting near the left end of the Rumplestiltskin traverse under the bulge. Pull on with a good finger edge on the lip for your left and a choice of poor holds for the right. Campus to the obvious side pull then make hard moves up and right to the finger edges on Rumplestiltskin then finish up this.

I did it right at the end of a long session. Im not sure of the grade as I was pretty tired, but somewhere around 7A+/B mark I think. Will have to go back to check grade when fresh (probably 6A!). Rock and moves are great.

Said Owen.

NB. Owen returned on a day when he was less fatigued and repeated the problem, only to find that it is more like 7A. Still good though.

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