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Silence of the Trams 7B photo topo: Ben Farley

Ben Farley has climbed a sweet line at the right end of the Cirque Du Soleil traverse on Wal Heulog, which sits above the Marine Drive in Llandudno.

Silence of the Trams 7B goes from standing, straight up the middle of the lovely smooth wall/scoop.

“Pull on with difficulty using a tiny edge for the left and a wonderful slopey crimp for the right (a truly exquisite hold) and rock up for a pair of small edges. Slap up for the good break then finish direct with care.”

Explained Ben, before adding:

Obviously the crag's been climbed on for years so it may have been done before but it's a quality problem worth recording. It reminds me of the South Lakes and some of the technical walls at Fairy Steps or Woodwell. As pretty much a one mover it's a nightmare to grade; I feel it's possibly 7B and comparable to other similar style one move 7Bs I've done but the difficulty with one move problems is that opinions vary greatly depending on morphology, preferred styles and conditions. Regardless of the grade, the moves are excellent and it utilises a couple of gorgeous holds.”

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