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The Cae Mabon Tooth Photos: Big G



This month Big G happens upon an artificially propped up boulder sat in the woods above Llyn Padarn. Fresh with JCB digger scratch marks, as if the plaything of some demented giant scale mechanical dry tooler, it has much promise for the sloper warrior, but could it have had more?

Dear NWB.com readers,

We must reflect at times on the woeful lack of dialogue and ‘joined up thinking’ between those involved in the elevation of stones (druids, hippies, ancient Celts) and those engaged in their ascent (us).

Obviously one faction is engaged in bizarre worship and acts of utter weirdness...er...as is the other!

The mistake every time is the dull pursuit of symmetry; rocks being bullied into the precise vertical when they could so easily be tilted into life; each leaning monolith becoming a scintillating proposition for lay-back/clamping aficionados.

Surely we could visit these spiritual places with the minimum impact; taking care to preserve their natural beauty, and only leaving fairly small quantities of finger tape, fag-butts and excreta.

A case in point would be the new as-if-by-magic ‘Cae Mabon Tooth’ (gr 578614) an unfortunate item indeed. It is to be found in the car park of this retreat centre and story telling facility (again a popular occupation of both parties!).

A little more thought here and we could have had a cracking bit of sport. Anyway, there may just be a couple of sitters here for small folk, but be ready for a mixed reception. Remember; the people who put rocks up are not much like the people who try to pull 'em down.

Now - don't be standin' stoned.


Big G

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