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Pete on the Tiger, Tiger sds 7A+ Photos: Si Panton


Ollie latching the dyno on Tiger, Tiger sds 7A+

Pete on the barndoor crux of the stand up version.

Ollie on The Wolf sds 7B

Pete slapping through the semi-campus section on The Wolf

On a whistle stop tour of the Beyond the Dome area of the Wavelength hillside in the Llanberis Pass, Pete Robins climbed the obvious sds into Tiger, Tiger. This went at a feisty 7A+ and is top notch.

Pete also managed to climb into The Wolf from a similar start at 7B. This is thought to be the unrepeated sds that Will Perrin climbed in 2001. Again, it climbs really well with a particularly funky foot manoeuvre to stall the barndoor as the main pinch is reached. The direct sds appears to be much harder and slightly pointless as it is only half a move to the right.

Quick repeats came from Ollie Cain who confirmed the grades and quality.

There will be some grade tweaks here for the new guide - the stand up version of Tiger, Tiger is worth 6C+ and The Wolf is worth 7A.

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