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Owen McShane has climbed a superb traverse line at Ruthin Escarpment. Lead Rain 7B starts sitting at the base of Si’s Bulge but veers off right to follow a line of holds leading to the ledge at the bottom Another Million. It then reverses the latter part of the One in a Million traverse to finish up Fritillary Flake.

The back wall is in for feet, but the big detached block under Another Million is not (as it isn’t on the One in Million traverse).

The traverse took Owen quite a few visits to nail; to read more about his journey to the finishing line, check out his excellent blog, which also includes a film of the final ascent.

The grades have settled a bit here since the first bout of development. Owen suggested the following changes:

“Simon's Start to Fritillary Flake, and The Butterfly Collector both need to come down to 7A. Cassius Clay is not an eliminate, rather a direct line from Simon's Start into Fritillary Flake, and is soft 7A+. A higher matchbox pinch is now used on Another million which now makes this a soft 7A+.”

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