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Arete ahoy! Photos: Big G


The slabby south face.

A fine arete hides 10m to the south west.

The north face will provide something for the hones.

And standing guard to the south west are these two beauties.


Spring is in the air and Big G celebrates with the discovery of some more deliciously fine grained dolerite, and one is prompted to ponder: is there no end to the wonders that this landscape holds?

“Simple then; Snowdonia is as big as ... its component parts; it’s just not clear how many parts there are.

So often for boulder lovers, the rain can shrink the place down to a pitiful few scraps of rock. At such times you could visit North Wales for the day and presume you had seen the lot. But when that rain stops things open out like a gigantic flower and with a rush we swarm to every bit. Or every bit we know...

To walk the broad wind-rocked ridge westwards from the crest of Craig y Gesail is to be confronted by the scale of the place, Cwmstradllyn and Cwm Pennant scooping north, to the south; the sprawl of Porthmadog and west; the untold fable of Llŷn.

This is the domain of the raven, the buzzard and even the red kite; each of them scanning the vastness with a furious eye for detail...just as we should.

So as we follow the ridges undulations each hollow should be visited, by the metre. For this is dolerite country; ‘the brown stuff’ and it is too good to slip our grasp.

Now then; just as the rocks seem to retreat earthwards among ancient oaks a diminutive dell is formed at the foot of a rock so beautiful your heart will miss beats. (gr 543415)

How many-splendoured that flower!

Now go easy - it's delicate.

Love Big G

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