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Si Panton at the lip of the steepness on the brilliant C'était Hier 6C! Photo: Si Jones

Si Jones latching the horn on The Grapple 7A Photo: Si Panton

Pete Robins has spearheaded development of a superb new wall in the Beddgelert Forest. This fine piece of dolerite (what else would it be!?) is located, surprisingly, a mere 50m beyond the popular Boss Cuvier block, to which it makes an excellent addition. To reach it simply follow the dry stone wall into the undergrowth and all will be revealed!

The main feature is a stunning highball crack: C'était Hier 6C! starts sitting using the large fin. Move up to a stretch for the lip and make a tenuous match, before gunning on bravely for the top.

High Voltage 7B is the powerful stand up line left of the crack. The start seems quite ridiculous at first but there is a rather devious solution (which Pete may reveal if you offer him a sufficient bribe). Pull on with a poor, sloping sidepull for your right and a good, but lower sidepull for your left. Gain the slopey lip then move up left to some useful crimps and pull round to finish more easily on the high slab.

On Sunday Si Panton made a visit with Sheffield grit fiend Si Jones, ostensibly to check things for the new guide. Pete had mentioned the possibility of a good project line on the left, and Jonesy, smelling blood, steamed in and grabbed an excellent new line right from under Mr P’s nose.

The Grapple 7A is also powerful and hard-to-fathom. Start sitting with the diagonal flake for your right and a choice of holds for your left. Power up past a diagonal horn and some useful layaways onto the upper slab; pad easily up rightwards to finish. Those who don’t fit the ‘position’ may be left chuntering about harder grades, such is life!

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