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Owen’s wounded finger, with the Hellraiser mono lurking in the background. Photo: selfie

Owen Hayward has made a few interesting additions to the much celebrated Wavelength block in the Llanberis Pass.

The toughest line is a sit down start to Hellraiser which went at 7B. The infamous mono pocket took a chunk out of Owen’s finger, but he survived with his tendons in tact.

Owen also managed a couple of low level traverse links:

King of Groove 7B
From the King of Drunks sds (diagonal sidepull and big sloper) flex left using good spaced holds on or just below the lower lip working your core hard to maintain ground clearance. Join Wavelength Groove sds at the hollow flake and finish up this.

King Shelf 7A+/B
A real pumper linking the arse drag traverse from the King of Drunks sds into a finish up The Shelf.

“These are arse dragging links but once you get the sequence right they climb well and give a good workout for Wavelength completists.”

Explained Owen.

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