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The Porbeagle of Rhyd Ddu...Photos: Big G







Big G heralds the arrival of Spring by finding some magic dolerite above Rhyd Ddu:

”Dear NWB followers,

The sun has finally come out! - and suddenly we all want to climb so badly.
Many of us will.

Is it conceivable that we might leave our heaps without donning multiple rainwear, and actually walk around?

Are there green shoots?

If so the extensive ridges north of the Rhyd Ddu path will provide a little something for everyone. (gr 585 527)

Items range from uselessly proportioned crap of an overly jagged nature to class chunks of ‘the brown stuff’. Slabs, walls, big fruity arętes...you will not inspect the place in one visit.

The only features that do not shine are the off-width cracks; many of which have been shoved full of rusty fencing rolls. This may be a farming ritual or a cruel attempt to disenfranchise jamming freaks.

In truth our principle feature, the ‘Porbeagle’, is but one of the prime rocks , some of them being whale sized and sporting good landings.

The setting has a remoteness out of proportion with its lame distance from Rhyd Ddu and the summit trade-route running parallel to the south.

The great boglands roll rocklessly north, but north east are the untold tales of Cwm Glogwyn with its near constant cloud shroud. This; if boulderers could evolve to walk that far, must be one of the last unchartered cwms of un-clung mountain treasure.

Blessed are the ambulant, for they shall stroll it.

Even with a mat

Love big G”

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