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On Saturday Joe Sterling climbed the obvious link up of Badgers in the Mist into Nazguls. Badger Parade rates about 7C+. Joe doesn’t have any pics or film footage of this but he has got a film of the first ascent of Badgers in the Mist which, given recent confusion, will help to clarify exactly how it was originally done. (See below)

Joe also voiced what a number of others have begun to say, i.e. ”that Ride the Wild Smurf, seems desperate and harder than 7C+."

And finally, another interesting satellite problem for the connoisseur: “I did a nice overhanging prow in the trees near the layby next to Conwy Falls. Park in the layby and head down the path through the gate. Jungle Moon 6C is down on the left hand side; start sitting left hand on the aręte, right hand on a crimp.”

Badgers in the mist from Joe Sterling on Vimeo.

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