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The mighty T Rex Photos: Big G

Dragonís Lunch Box

Dragonís Lunch Box

A groove

A wall

Dinosaurs made of stone Ė whatever next? A dragonís lunch box it seems!

Dear NWB readers,

Along the happy path below Dolbenmaen's Craig y Llan, through the dazzle-white blooms of thorn trees and chiff-chaff chants, who would expect to see anything fierce? The dismembered head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex (gr 508 433) infers the presence of some greater power, unseen around the next corner!
It has been enough to capture the imagination of generations of visitors.

One tale suggests that the creature was slain by a Welsh prince in the tenth centaury. Another mentions a dragon being "turned to stone" by a Welsh queen (nothing wrong with that; not these days). The poor creature may on the other hand have been brought to ground by the notorious Alistair Crowley (original occupant of the adjacent tower). He was well known for his feats of eccentric self-abuse and obsession in weird places - often alone. As such he would obviously have made a cracking boulderer in a later era.

Get to the point...yes, anyway the boulder is no good.

However, it does seem to guard the way to an item of interest in the field beyond (access by the path crossing the wall at a large flat topped rock). Here we find the ĎDragonís Lunch Boxí (gr 506 434), a cool block in a secluded setting with some nice big slopers. Not as boggy as it looks.

Pull them.

That greater power...is you!

Love, Big G

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