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Jon demonstrating Point Break 7B/+ Photos: Si Panton

Owen stood under the alarming rock scar on Graig Ddu

Owen on End of the Line 6B+

Some more Far Nefoedd info on problems done back in the winter season. In December Jon Ratcliffe climbed the rather excellent Point Break 7B/+, a steep, undercut prow jutting out of the hillside 300m farther along from the Hellís Mouth block.

From a sit start clamp and slap your way up the left arete of the block to glory. Mantel up to finish then dismount. The obvious heel hold on the ramp does suffer from seepage but the rock is so rough it can be done even when wet.

The craggy headland (Graig Ddu) at the end of the beach has a steep wave of rock but was the scene of a major rockfall in the winter storms so canít be recommended. (A week before the rockfall occurred Si Panton and Jon Ratcliffe had stood in exactly the same spot feeling undercuts and sussing out lines for a future return visit!)

At the back of the bay just before the headland a lump of rock sticks out from the base of the high crag - this is a good problem climbed by Owen Hayward:

End of the Line 6B+ From a sit start under the bulging rounded prow move up past good holds to snag the top of the lump and a tricky move to get stood on top. Descend by reversing to a point where you can drop back onto your mat.

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