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Danny taking the first crimp on Where’s My Dildo? 7C+ Photos: Chris Doyle


Yesterday Danny Cattell climbed an old Marine Drive project which has been toyed with by a number of people over the years. Where’s My Dildo? 7C+ is the obvious sds line to the left of Where’s My Hippo.

Start sitting with parallel sidepulls (LH as a back hand), move up to the obvious crimp with your left and then make a tough pull with your right up to a little crimp. Continue with a reach up left before moving right to finish up Where’s My Hippo. The crack to the left is (obviously) out of bounds.

”It’s a bit of a locals problem but I think it’s pretty cool. It has an obvious start and an ace finish, but mainly it’s just a no messing hard crimp move.”

Said Danny after the ascent.

Chris Doyle managed to capture the first ascent on film:

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