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Ed Feldman has climbed a couple of obvious link lines at Caseg Fraith. These may have been done before but are certainly worth flagging up as they both give excellent climbing.

Yardbone 7A+ is the counter line to Boneyard. From the Oh Yeah! sds, reverse the crux of Boneyard and finish up Ogwen Jazz.

Skunk Yeah! 7A+ Sit start on the crimps of Skunk X and finish up the Oh Yeah! dyno.

”Both climb really nicely and feel pretty independent.”, said Ed.

Stop Press: Owen Hayward has just been in touch to say that he climbed Yardbone back in 2009 but didn't report it at the time. Owen thought 7A+, although he finished further to the left, on the actual arete of Ogwen Jazz.

Yardbone from Ed Feldman on Vimeo.

Skunk yeah! from Ed Feldman on Vimeo.

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