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Photos: Big G


Some people say, “forget it, there’s no bouldering on the island, least of all in Holyhead”, Big G knows different of course, at least he thinks he might do – sometimes it’s hard to tell until you get up close and give it a proper grapple…

Dear NWB readers,

Could this piece of active rock-worship be the start of a new development? Have landscapers, architects and the like finally recognised the opportunities provided by the installation of quartzite lumps, to create dynamic recreational spaces?
Are we to see Holyhead kids dynoing from jug to jug in a post-parcour era of quarried block-love?

Well ...that depends on the precise scale of the thing doesn’t it. It depends upon the vision of those who conceive it.

If the magnificent radiating cobbles are each a foot square - then grab yer mats! If more great edifi are to be blasted from the local Breakwater Quarry we could have a whole ‘city of rocks’ to go at.

Or - (as the reader may suspect) - the thing is simply too damn small; the designer having epically failed us.

Only a visit will tell.

The Ucheldre Centre - a brief history

The centre is to be found whilst passing the Holyhead Secondary School on your way out to the coast. Turn off to the left and after 150m a further left turn will take you to the converted church. Post code: LL65 1TE. The first thing you will notice is the big rock, and - behind it – the church with its ornate steeple.

Attempts to attract the local population into the building have ranged from offering religion - (disastrous on a pagan island)...then art; (”we’ll just take a break from getting pissed in town and beating up visitors, to go browse some water-colours”)
Finally they arrived at fried food. Here they were onto something, and now, within the deepest confines of the building, there is a demon cafe of the very highest calibre.
(Ucheldre is the old Norse word for hot beverage)

In truth the whole place is pretty cool.


But the rock...oh the blessed rock!

Love, Big G

Other Points of Interest

The ‘chain links’ in the middle of town are to commemorate a time when town authorities could afford to pay artists to make big things out of metal.

The ‘anchor’ in town is to commemorate an extremely high tide which occurred in the 6th cent, but can’t be proved.

The ‘bridge’ spanning between the ferry port and the town is to commemorate a time when people had cause to cross between the ferry port and the town. Use not recommended.

The ‘quarry’- the rather distastefully named Breakwater Quarry (the source of the block) has long been a haunt of our roped friends who have put up a few crappy sport routes among the weeds. The real amazement here is the siting of TWO cafes in one scabby place!

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