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Pete on Sexy Beast 7C, Porth Nefoedd Photos: Si Panton

Rich attempting the line last week, while Owen Hayward points out holds from the top of the boulder.

This afternoon Pete Robins cleaned up another much-eyed Porth Nefoedd project. Sexy Beast 7C tackles the thin slab line right of The Great Beast, on the Hellís Mouth block.

Last week Rich Betts came close to doing the line, slipping off with his hand on the sloping ledge near the top. A split tip stopped any further attempts on that day. Pete tried the line a few days later and also split his tip in the process.

Today, with cooler temperatures and a bit more care, Pete managed to keep his skin in good nick. Good job really, because it still took quite a few attempts before he finally cracked the crux rock over and topped out.

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