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Pete on The Dark Knight sds 7C Photos: Si Panton

Pete mid-slap on the Holy Cow start 7B

Today Pete Robins paid a visit to the Bat Cave at Porth Nefoedd and came away with two cracking new additions. First to fall was The Dark Knight sds 7C, the ultra steep arÍte at the top entrance to the cave. Pete had tried this the previous weekend, but had split a tip on a sharp hold left of the arÍte. Today he sussed out a better, finger friendly sequence, twisting around the arÍte from the guppy horn to reach and match in the break.

Next on the menu was the obvious left hand start to Robin, the excellent 6C+ sds arÍte in the back corner of the cave. The Holy Cow start rates a tough 7B and features a hard slap rightwards to the base of the arÍte from the finger ramp in the centre of the steep face.

Dark Knight sds from Simon Panton on Vimeo.

Holy Cow from Simon Panton on Vimeo.

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