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Bwlch Mawr summit boulder piles Photos: Si Panton


Close ups of The Lost Trundle-blims of Bwlch Mawr Photos: big G

Another lovely feature on the plateau

The 'hovel' is a lovely spot to escape from the wind and commune with the roundedness



The wonders of the Lleyn Peninsular are many and varied. Up above Clynnog Fawr, for example, you will find hill walking of surprising quality and views that can only be described as spectacular. There is also pink micro granite, lots of it in fact. I’ll let big G explain more:

Dear NWB readers,
For those of us not destined for travel in space, the upper reaches of Bwlch Mawr shall be our only chance to enjoy hanging out in a decent lunar landscape. The top of this remote plateau which guards the way-flung reaches of Llyn can occupy the rock connoisseur for a disproportionate time, possessed as it is with more boulders then pretty much anywhere on earth.

Better still, its remoteness is geographic but not vehicular; there is a little road leading up from Clynnog Fawr, and even a neat parking spot just south of the little radio mast at gr 437 476. From here a boulderer’s ‘mountaineering hike’ of some 800m, steadily uphill will bring you to...quite a place.

Gentle swells of tussock grass are interspersed with boulder sprawls in great patches; some around summits, some in hollows between them. The only interruptions to the wildness are the perfectly built walls that caterpillar their way over the undulations with a weird directness. The rocks are all... perfect (it seems strange to say it) and there are a few thousand of them. Their only fault is size; each, or most, being shoulder-height, but don’t discount this Henry Moore Fest until you have been up, held the rocks, and felt the in-yer-face vibe.

These are rocks to fondle, hug, run across, jump off; while you feel the caress of the eroding breeze and marvel at the wide-angle vista of Snowdonia fanning north in an outrageous green-gold patchwork.

There is stuff here. Mantels of the gods and a decent high bit with a few arętes and cracks in the lower grades, and the rock is composed of compacted fairy grains geologically super-heated and metamorphosed by a complex act of god-till ‘just so’. Grab a hold and breathe.

Blessed are the short- as you will see!

Love, big G

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