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Chris on the final moves, common with Lord of the Manor Photo: Si Panton

Chris Doyle has completed The Manor Traverse 7C+, a 30+ move right-to-left sweep of the right hand section of Manor Crag. The problem starts by linking ill Manors into the kneebar on Academic Workload, where a brief shake out is taken before firing into the crux moves of The Lengthy Scholar. A second, more strenuous, shake out is then possible before the difficulty ramps up again with the Lord of the Manor finish, the final moves of which provide a very drop-able redpoint crux.

Chris had tried the line quite a few times over the last month but kept losing power on the final few moves. Yesterday though he despatched it first go with out any fuss, as the film below shows.

Eagle-eyed Manor Crag fans will have spotted the rock scar at the start of the traverse. Over the last few weeks the shield of rock which constituted the finish of both ill Manors and Academic Workload had become dangerously unstable. It has now been sorted out and the offending blocks are safely deposited on the floor. Both problems are a bit easier now (6C and 6B+) and not quite as good, which is a shame, but at least no-one got hurt in an avalanche of loose rock.

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