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Pete Robins on Too Easy For Malc (7A+), Graig Fawr, Pen Llyn photo: Si Panton

Jon Ratcliffe on Distraction Therapy 7B, Bwtres Carreg-filltir photo: Si Panton

Charlie Panton on Bois Lanky 6C, Yr Arfordir Du photo: Si Panton

Gwyllgi 8B - 29/07/2022
Hardest line on the island
Isles of Wonder sds 8C+ - 29/07/2022
Aidan climbs Wales’ hardest line
The Great Below 8A+ - 28/07/2022
Hard line right of Nine Pinch Nails
Vision of Glass 7C+ - 28/07/2022
RH start to Vault of Glass
Hot Pod Soft 8A+ - 24/07/2022
Three hard lines at Carreg Mianog
Tryfan bonanza – over 60 new lines! - 23/07/2022
Immaculate problems up to 7B
Nicotine Wall sds 7B+ - 11/07/2022
Cwm Glas Bach addition
Little Legs 7A - 28/06/2022
Nant Gwynant roof line
Walloped 7B 23/06/2022
Undercover Apples 7C 23/06/2022
Event Horizon 7B 22/06/2022
An Amalgamation of Emotion 8A+ 20/06/2022
Disenchantment 7C 11/06/2022
Noson Boldro Gogledd Cymru 11/06/2022
The Lost Comet 7B+ 09/06/2022
Nine Pinch Nails 8B 02/06/2022
Sleep Thief 7A 01/06/2022
Blankety Blank 8A 16/05/2022
Fairies Wear Boots 7B 11/05/2022
Crimes Against Pastry 7C 09/05/2022

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