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Pete Robins going for it on the first ascent of the amazing Sea View Prowess V7/7A+, Great Orme, Llandudno Photo: Gaz Aston

Sloper drag on The White Rhino Traverse V6/7A, Beddgelert Forest Photo: Si Panton

James Lillie enjoying winter sun at the snow bound RAC boulders Photo: Si Panton

Fiddled 7C - 04/08/2019
Steep Ogwen addition
Llechog Wall 7C - 04/08/2019
Stunning double line in Llanberis Pass
The Last Armstrong 8B+ - 04/08/2019
Forgotten Megos Parisellaís line
The Super Collider F8b+ - 16/07/2019
Epic 40m traverse on Arenig Fawr
Hustled 7C/+ - 15/07/2019
Fierce line in Milestone area, Ogwen
Siís Roof Start 7A+/B - 16/06/2019
Superb dolerite addition to Llanberis Pass
Batman 8A 2nd ascent, newbies to 8A - 12/06/2019
Cave Wall News
Major surge of development at Gallt yr Ogof - 05/05/2019
Glut of quality lines up to 7C+
Sheep Thrills 7B 22/04/2019
Doggle 7B 20/04/2019
Main Vein sds 8A+ 20/04/2019
Waiting for the Elevator 7A+! 09/04/2019
Castell Mawr bouldering 06/04/2019
Business Socks 7B/+ 01/04/2019
Jambon's Smooth Panther 7A+ 10/03/2019
The Hatchlink 8B+ 03/03/2019
Ung 7A+ 16/02/2019
The Incredible Sulk 8B 16/02/2019
Flipping Floppy 7A+/B 22/01/2019
Bucking Bronco 7C 20/01/2019
Nightlife 7C+, High and Nightly 8A 20/01/2019

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