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Jon Ratcliffe riding high on Hipoposaurus 7A+, Llyn Ogwen photo: Si Panton

Pete Robins on Butterfly Effect 7B, Muriau Sant Tudno photo: Si Panton

James McHaffie on The Cairn 8A, Nant Ddu photo: Si Panton

Main Vein sds re-climbed at hard 8A+ - 30/11/2021
Ned Feehally re-climbs test piece after breakage
Ardal Rhaeadr Ogwen lines to 7C+ - 24/11/2021
Significant new area at the top of Nant Ffrancon
Spiderpig vs Cokepug 7A - 23/11/2021
Direct slab line at Nant y Fedw
Twitching Net Curtains 7A+ - 11/09/2021
New boulders near Dolwyddelan
The Diamond Inspector 8B - 31/08/2021
Desperate link line at Gallt yr Ogof
Twr y Tonnau 7A! - 30/08/2021
Highball Ogwen line
Deathslide low 7B+ - 20/08/2021
New Fronllwyd lines
Five Finger Discount 8A+ - 08/08/2021
Hard Cwm Craig-las additions
Forest Pump 7A 04/08/2021
Plunder the Horde 8A 30/07/2021
Industrial Revolution 7C 27/07/2021
Medusa 7C 25/07/2021
Pringle 7C, Pintsized 7B 24/07/2021
Hustled sds 8B 22/07/2021
Flibbertigibbet Low 7A+ 20/07/2021
Restless Roof 7A+ 19/07/2021
Chapfallen sds 7B+ 23/06/2021
Central Groove sds 7B+ 15/06/2021
Huglife 7B+ 15/06/2021
Roller Mobster 7B 08/06/2021

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