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Pete Robins on Too Easy For Malc (7A+), Graig Fawr, Pen Llyn photo: Si Panton

Jon Ratcliffe on Distraction Therapy 7B, Bwtres Carreg-filltir photo: Si Panton

Charlie Panton on Bois Lanky 6C, Yr Arfordir Du photo: Si Panton

Fy Mrawd 7A! - 20/03/2023
Stunning highball in Dyffryn Peris
Clogfaenu Muppet - 20/03/2023
Sandstone 6 + 7s near Wrecsam
The Way Of The Hippo 8A - 14/02/2023
Osian Parry strikes again
Echoes 8A, Crack a Smile 8A+ - 11/02/2023
Hardcore scenes in Chwarel Gideon
Tiny, King of the Jews sds 8A - 05/02/2023
Hard sitter to old school mantel line
Yr Aderyn Glas 7C+ - 28/12/2022
Another Tonfedd toughie
Brathiad y Gaeaf 7C+ - 24/12/2022
Tough trav below Dinas Mot
Lying Low 7B - 21/12/2022
Trio of lines at Gallt yr Ogof
The Prodigal Son 7C+ 01/11/2022
Leviathan sds 8A+ 17/10/2022
Leviathan 8A 11/10/2022
Gest House 7B! 04/10/2022
Stopwatch 7B 03/10/2022
The Cosmic Shard of Penrhyndeudraeth 7A 26/09/2022
Vault of Time 8A 25/09/2022
Firing Blanks 8A+ 23/09/2022
Pistachio 7B+! 02/09/2022
Rhudda Gawr 7B! 29/08/2022
Isles of Wonder sds 8C+ 29/07/2022
Gwyllgi 8B 29/07/2022

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